Roda’s “Critter Connection” Challenge, Day 12


I know, I know.. I missed day 11! How did that happen you ask? Well, my husband came home last night (Friday night) and said “let’s go out”! My response: “YES”! I thought I would be fine to come home and do my post, but no! I came home and pretty much passed out. If you saw my Instagram last night then you know how amazing the drinks and dinner looked, did I mention the drinks!

But don’t worry, I was punished this morning as we had a 10 mile training run and I felt awful during the last 3 miles! Honestly, what was I thinking? I am not 25, not by a long shot! I should have stayed home last night, ate a sensible dinner and posted my little critter!


So cute!

Head over to my Instagram to see how I really felt about this run!

Roda’s “Critter Connection” Challenge, Day 2

another spider

I realize this makes two consecutive days that I have highlighted a spider and that was not my original intent. But when I went to get the mail from the box, which is at the end of our very long, very steep driveway, I ran across this guy. He managed to get the prime spot along the driveway that gets the most insect traffic. It is a really windy day here and this shot was hard to frame, but I think you can appreciate the large abdomen with its interesting markings. I have no idea what species this is but I will be watching to see if he gets this prime spot again! Location, location, location!