Sunday’s Best Linkup: Love is in the Air – A Mama Tale

Good Sunday morning everyone! My blog is also carried on Bloglovin’ where I have a very small following, but a couple bloggers are doing a fun link up in honor of Valentine’s Day so I thought I would share it with you here.

Many of you are extremely creative and I wanted to give you a chance to meet these other crafty, creative and impressive bloggers! I hope you enjoy 🙂


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Repurposing to create Christmas Decorations

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“Everything old is new again” is the inspiration behind vintage rag garlands. Or so my out-going, crafty friend tells me. Everyone needs a friend who can come up with great projects that you would never explore on your own. I am one of those lucky people. When my buddy told me to be at her house at 12:30 with 12 vintage Christmas balls, three yards of lace and some treat to share with everyone else, I did not question her. I know better! I also had no idea what we would be doing. Fortunately, a day later, she sent an email with a couple pictures of what we would be making.

So now I had, at least, some idea of what we were trying to accomplish! My friend took an old white bed sheet and dyed it with tea bags to make it look “vintage”. She cut rectangles and notched them in (roughly) equal strips. When we all got to her house, she set us to task. We had to rip the strips and clean off the loose strings-of which there were many!


She then tied two cords between a set of chairs, the cord was about the length of a fireplace mantel. We took the strips and tied them onto the cord, equal distances to start with and then filled in the spaces with lace, string or colored ribbons. The idea was to choose colors that were complementary to our home décor.

This was the set up as I worked with another lady on our rag garlands.

I have to admit; at this point it looked more like a Halloween decoration with a bunch of ghosts in a row. Adding in the ball garland gave me more hope. This is where the 12 vintage Christmas balls came into play. We strung the balls onto cord, making sure to knot each ball into place so they didn’t slide along the string. This is also an area where I got into a little bit of trouble for not following the assignment correctly. I bought gold Christmas decorations because vintage doesn’t really fit into my home colors. The spirit of the craft is to repurpose old items, but I don’t have any vintage paraphernalia and since I was buying them, I went with what I liked.

When we put the two garlands together, it really started to look like something! I decided that I would try it out on my banister when I got home. In the meantime, even though I had made some crafting faux pas, I was able to redeem myself with the “treat to share” part of the assignment. I brought some gingerbread scones.

The ladies loved them and I do recommend this recipe, if you really like gingerbread!

Then I got on the road and headed home to try out my new decoration.

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It may not be completely vintage, or a total repurposing of older items, but I do like the look and had a great time with some new friends and one very special, crafty lady!