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Like many people, I have read a variety of self help books. And like most folks, usually I pick them up when I am struggling with one of life’s many issues. I often find something in the text that resonates and helps me deal with my conflict of the moment. Occasionally I will read one of these books to brighten my mood in general, and am reminded of certain coping strategies that have bolstered my outlook in the past. 

All of the books I have read followed a rather similar literary structure of chapter based organization.  Generally, the reader is instructed to complete a section which explains the mechanism, discusses the reasoning behind why this approach is beneficial and then describes examples of people putting the strategy into practice. Often there are questions to guide journaling and suggested exercises to reinforce the premise. A perfectly reasonable and effective dissemination of the material. This approach provides a “textbook” feel for the reader, and until now was the only experience I have encountered.

Ari Gunzburg utilizes an entirely different approach in his parable , The Little Book of Greatness , a parable about unlocking your destiny.  In this thoroughly engaging storyline, Gunzburg creates a narrative that provides the framework for his “5 keys to greatness”. Each key corresponds to a life strategy that would be analogous to a chapter in the traditional self help format. But this fable, and interplay among the characters, is a far more inviting way to present his framework.

I found myself drawn into the storyline and genuinely interested in the main characters journey, as he searched for meaning in each of the 5 keys. I appreciated the opportunity to think for myself about the meaning and application to my own life experiences, as opposed to having that “lecture to” feeling from the previous formats.  While the coping strategies themselves are similar to other frameworks (ie giving, being present in the moment..) the novel presentation of this approach made the material feel fresh, and I found myself really thinking about the Keys and where I could make some lasting and positive change. 

The Little Book of Greatness will help those looking for answers in turbulent times, and the folks who already feel good about their status quo.  There is a positive connection for everyone to find in this story. 😊

Buy Ari Gunzburg’s The Little Book of Greatness here

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