The lovely Dominique at 3C Style has nominated/tagged me in a photo challenge. And, we all know how I can’t say no to a challenge😉

Apparently the rules are: Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.

No Explanations!! Ok, I will let this one speak for itself, but will include the color version and ask for feedback. I am taking a photo class and am looking to improve 😊

Today’s picture is for Roda, from Growing Self. She loves fairies and when I saw this figurine in the store, I thought of her!😊. A few quick edits later, and now I would like to tag her for this photo challenge💕

12 thoughts on “Seven Days Photo Challenge, with a twist 📸😉, Day 5

  1. I like the color one better because of the variety in colors. In the b&w, for me the blues, greens and purples all come across as dark gray so not enough variety in tones for me — maybe against a light background? In the big picture at the top, I like how it has a ink-penned and painterly look although I can tell you didn’t put an artistic effect on it. I love the richness of detail in the large image. You can’t really see the rich details in the smaller ones so that might color my impression of the b&w. Maybe seeing the b&w larger, I might like it more due to seeing more details in the dark grays? The figurine is a cool subject matter.

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