I signed up for iPhone academy. My main goal is to get better at taking photos with my phone because it is really hard to haul a camera up the side of a mountain, without killing any of my family members🤣😂🤣

We have a lot of plans this summer, that involve outdoor activities. Some of those activities could be considered a tad dangerous,😉 but I still want to get some shots of all of us together. With college graduations, new jobs and boyfriends/girlfriends, it is getting tougher to corral the family for these special moments.

Last night it was as if the sky was on fire! I wanted to take a panorama and catch both the moon and the sun.

Here is the original:



I used Snapseed to warm it up a little, the goal was to make sure it still looked natural. Can you see the moon? Hope so!

Wish me luck as I try to figure out all these apps!!

41 thoughts on “I’m Taking a Photography Class 📸

  1. Your pics are already fantastic so it will be interesting to see how well it transfers to a phone. This sunset is wonderful! I really admire the way you keep learning and pushing yourself.
    I use snapseed for phone photos as well. It is great.

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  2. Going up mountains, outdoor activities, a “tad” dangerous… sounds like you like to live life on the edge! I have to chuckle because I’m sat here feeling like such a grumpy homebody whose idea of excitement is a sale at the supermarket! The photography course sounds like a great idea, is that a free course or one you’ve paid for?
    Your photo looks gorgeous, like the sky and clouds have been whipped up. Snapseed isn’t one I’d come across before so I’ll have to check that one out.

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    • Hey, those supermarket sales can be very dangerous!! I did pay for the iPhone academy class-97 dollars (US). The editing class is much more! I have been just learning the apps on my own, but I am sure the class would be worth it! I am learning a lot about my phone😊

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  3. That’s a smart idea taking an iphone. I does get heavy toting around a camera and sometimes you don’t have it when a photo opp shows up. Love the sunset. It looks awesome.

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