Let’s talk about juicing, facts and fictions.

If you type in “juicing for health” into the old search bar, a smorgasbord of topics pop up. The majority are related to weight loss, various juice recipes and information on how to start your own juicing business. The links related to actual science behind this idea, are much farther down the list.

Which tells me a couple things. Most people searching for information about juicing are interested in using it as a weight loss tool, perhaps thinking about meal substitutions or a juice cleanse. And, that like all other herbal and homeopathic supplements, there is little to no regulation associated with these products or their health claims.

In fact, I have only included two references, the only two that were not sponsored by a biased party, that relate to the science of juicing.

Let’s start with the facts:

All juices are higher in sugar content than the whole fruit, or vegetable, from which it was extracted.  Juicing works by pulverizing cellular walls and allowing the water soluble contents to leave the cell. Without the protective cell membrane, ever present airborne bacteria can begin to feed on the sugars released from the produce. Store bought juices have preservatives to slow down this natural process. You should consume fresh squeezed juice immediately. Also, be sure to clean your juicer thoroughly for food safety concerns.

Orange-Juice-vs-small-orangeThe juice has almost 2 1/2 times the sugar and total carbohydrates content of the 1 whole orange, and zero fiber. It takes far less time to drink that glass of juice than it does to peal and eat the orange.

Juicing removes all fiber from the whole fruit or vegetable. In fact the best machines list, as a top selling point, the removal of all seeds, stems, peel and pulp. That insoluble fiber is critical for healthy digestion and regularity. Many juicing fad diets recommend adding Metamucil to their juice to replace the fiber lost. Again, why not just eat the whole food!!

Fiber also provides a satiation that liquid alone can’t. Meaning you will be hungry soon after drinking those calories. Juicing proponents like to point out that there are more vitamins in the glass of juice, but that nutrient equivalent is also in those three orange, and you would not be hungry after eating three oranges!

Juice “cleanses” work in the same manner as all other cleanses and are completely unnecessary. We have already talked about the fact that your liver and kidneys do a perfectly fine job of filtering toxins from your system in our fad diet discussion.

Any weight lost during a juice diet, or cleanse, will be in the form of water and muscle mass. Fat will be regained when the individual returns to a normal, healthy eating plan.

Juicers can be expensive, anywhere from $50 to $400, if you really want to grind all that fiber out of it!

Now for some fiction:

The health claims made by the numerous juicing plans and diet architects, have no science to back up their claims.


Boosting immunity is only short term, long term effects of a juice only diet results in decreased immune response.

“Women’s Issues”? Which ones?

Decrease in body odor? Yikes, who had to sniff the subjects of that research project?😬 Oh, there weren’t any!


A top selling point for these plans is the claim that “your kids will love having their servings of fruit and veggies now!”  Seriously! Who are these kids? I don’t know any, certainly did not give birth to any!!  We all want our kids to eat fruits and vegetables, and that is the approach we should take. It is healthier, and if necessary there are multivitamins to supplement our kids’ diets until we find that magical combination of whole fruits and veggies that they will eat. I think adults who eat whole produce are better role models than a cup of green liquid😊.


The Bottom Line:

If you love to have juice, and have the caloric room in your normal eating plan, then go for it! Juicing your own will allow you to control the sugar content and mix your own blends. Just don’t over indulge, or use it as a meal replacement. Keep the serving size to 8oz and there is nothing wrong with it. But don’t fool yourself! You still need to incoporate whole produce, and in a variety of colors, to make sure that you are getting all the correct nutrition for the healthiest version of you😊💕

Do you juice? What is your experience with it? Love it? Let me know!




21 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: J is for Juicing

  1. I generally make smoothies instead of juice, but good old fresh carrot and apple juice in the morning is delicious! A friend keeps telling me to save and freeze the pulp to use in soups and other recipes, but I’m not that organized.

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    • I have heard of people saving the pulp, I wonder what that looks like 😬I am sure it would be delicious in the soup or stew. Thanks for letting me know about your juices!


  2. I DO juice! Although, I actually do more smoothies than juices, as I enjoy getting the fiber;) Having said that, the juice or smoothie is just an addition to my diet – not a replacement at all. However, I do credit it for making me feel great. I used to get migraine headaches all the time, and somehow, I have really gotten these under control. Knock on wood. Might be the coconut water I use, as I helps to hydrate the body. Anyway, I love juicing but I completely agree with you – not a meal replacement and you absolutely must remember to use all types of veggies and fruits (yes, all kinds of colors!). Thanks very much for this interesting post!

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  3. Great post again. I could never see the point personally as I love fruit and veg as nature provides it. Plus I could never be bothered with spending all that time cleaning a device that produces a drink it takes only seconds to consume. I do mot have a proper coffee maker for the same reason. I do enough washing up as it is!

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  4. No juice, no smoothies, no coffee and no diet for me. Just don’t like it. One tea, a fruit and a toast or oatmeal for breakfast works for me. But I do drink one diet coke a day… Oups! It’s my caffeine and my hubby knows the Jekyll and Hyde transformation that can occur if I don’t have it!

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