Ok, so spring officially begins tomorrow, but I am still searching for critters in the Tucson area. My hubby and I were out walking in our neighborhood, around 10 am. We were walking on the lower road when a coyote casually went the opposite way on the upper road. Do you see him? By the mailbox?

Unfortunately this was the best pic I got as I was using my cell phone and shooting into the sun. This is a really healthy looking canine! We are just now starting to see chipmunks and lizards scurrying around as the weather has warmed. Clearly the coyote population has found plenty to eat this winter! Perhaps feasting on the many roadrunners we have nearby😊

10 thoughts on “Roda’s Critter Connection Challenge, Winter Edition!

  1. Surprisingly, coyotes are proving to be less of a threat to safety than javelinas, this spring. One reason is that well-meaning people are feeding the porcines. Javelinas are voracious and impatient eaters. If one doesn’t get them food quickly enough, the alpha boar will attack the person doing the feeding.

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    • I am feeding nothing! I don’t want to attract predators or prey to my house. We have grown up with coyotes and really have no fear of them. Maybe we should but too I have never seen a coyote stand up to a human, they are more fearful of us than we are of them.

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