So I had to go all the way to Mexico to find a winter critter worthy of Roda’s Challenge! Well, perhaps I am exaggerating just a bit. But this little leaf guy really was quite friendly and hung out at our host home all day.



22 thoughts on “Roda’s Critter Connection, Winter Edition

  1. Thank you for following my blog and I hope you will enjoy commenting on posts and providing feedback to the various posts and categories in my blog.
    I loved the yoga retreat post, the pictures (food looked excellent) and pro slide show!

    My only suggestion would be a map link to the yoga location as i was curious where in Mexico.
    This post was torture as here it is still snowing but very peaceful.

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    • So sorry! Not trying to torture you, haha! This was a private home so I am not sure where on the map it would be (they picked us up and drove us everywhere so we never had an address). I can tell you it was about 30 minutes north of Manzanilla 🙂


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