I am really missing Tucson and the sunlight! Today I chose a throw back picture from a hike through Sabino canyon. I loved how this cactus was growing out of the top of a rock, defying gravity and the lack of natural resources in the area!


IMG_2165 2


IMG_2165Grab your camera or phone and join Linda from Everyone Else has the best titles and Take the “Black and White and Color” photo challenge!

11 thoughts on “Black & White & Color Photo Challenge

    • No, that is because I am an idiot! I forgot to mention that the feature photo is from Kauai!! We went on a hike there and I was going to talk about why I chose that pic, but forgot to do it! Sabino canyon is pretty flat, brown and dry when we were there, sorry for the confusion. I had originally planned a sunset picture from Tucson but when I uploaded it, there was too much distortion so I switched it at the last minute to a view of Kauai that lifted my spirits that day. I will be more careful next time 🙂

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