This month Sally challenged us to make a pumpkin roll cake. We had a roll cake challenge back in May. At that time I talked about how my roll cakes always crack and I have to cover it up with icing or flowers or some type of decoration.


This time I thought I would really challenge myself and put a pattern in my pumpkin sponge cake. I saw this, for the first time, on The Great British Baking Show. Since this was a pumpkin sponge I wanted a pumpkin patch pattern but couldn’t find anything I liked or could put on the cake, so I made my own template using stickers from a craft store. Sally recommends a 10 inch x 15 inch jelly roll pan, so I made my template that size. I cut a paper to the same size and measured to find the exact center. I knew I would be rolling the cake from the short side so made my pattern such that it would repeat in that direction. I also knew that the edges would most likely be trimmed away so I left a good sized border along both sides. I used a pencil to draw in, roughly, where the vines would connect the pumpkins.


I then layer a parchment paper over the template, securing it with tape, so I would be able to pipe the batter onto the parchment.


Now I needed to mix up a cake batter that would be denser than the pumpkin sponge so that the pattern would not mix into the cake batter and disappear. I used this mixture:

50g butter, room temperature

50g powdered sugar (or icing sugar)

50g egg whites

50g flour, all purpose


Using a hand mixer, combine the sugar and butter until smooth, then add the egg whites and finally the flour and stir to make a strong paste. You want this pretty thick, you need to be able to pipe it but still want it to hold a firm shape. I needed two colors, orange and leaf green.


I used gel food colors and a number 1 piping tip to make the pumpkins


Another portion was colored green, and using a number 3 tip, I piped the vines.


This went into the freezer for, at least 30 minutes, while I prepared the Pumpkin sponge cake as per Sally’s recipe. Once the mixture was ready I had to remove the template from the pan and replace the frozen pattern. Then I spread the pumpkin batter, carefully, over the design.




Sally’s recipe stated that the baking time would be ~17 minutes, but mine was done in 10 minutes. It is important to not over bake the cake or it will crack when it is rolled (I should know, this is my big problem with roll cakes!). I had to flip my cake twice when it was done. The first time I turned the cake out onto a sheet pan covered with powdered sugar and removed the parchment paper-carefully, so the design would stay intact.


The prepared pan


The cake after I removed the paper. It worked!

To my surprise the patten was intact! From here I followed Sally’s instructions and flipped the cake onto a tea towel that had been generously sprinkled with more powdered sugar. Now the pattern side was down and I could roll the cake up, while it was still warm, to allow it to cool in the final shape. I was so busy doing all this while the cake was still warm that I did not get a picture of it this time. Here is what the process looked like from May, when I did the last roll cake.


The rolled cake needs to chill for about 2 hours in the refrigerator before adding the filling.

The cream cheese icing was also from Sally’s recipe. I did make one small change and added 30g of finely chopped crystallized ginger for some extra flavor and texture.




The cake is unrolled, the filling spread out leaving a 1/2 inch border, then tightly rolled back up

This was the first time that my cake did not crack! And, the pattern is pretty good. There is some powdered sugar still on the cake, but that does disappear after a little time has passed.


The cake and filling are delicious! Sally has another winner recipe on her hands!







I had fun working this out and challenging myself a little bit. It is a great cake for Halloween and I am really looking forward to what Sally comes up with next month!




53 thoughts on “Sally’s Baking Addiction, October Challenge, Pumpkin Roll Cake

  1. This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! My mother always made a chocolate one, it became her “go to” dessert! Your photos are fantastic. I think they might be large files though, because every time I tried to read your article it could not load the files and kept crashing. FINALLY, on the 5th attempt — I really wanted to see your cake — it worked. PHEW, it was worth it!

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  2. Wow how incredibly clever you are and you have the patience of a saint! Fantastic job with the pumpkin stencil, it came out fabulous and looks so delicious!! You should send Sally a pic…I remember when she first started up. She’s so sweet and a wonderful cook. I wonder what she has in store for November!! Enjoy. 🙂

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      • For you it is…hehe. I’m such a perfectionist too much so when it comes to cooking and baking…I don’t have that flare and I have no clue for a dash of this and a sprinkle of that…and on top of all that I’m a very fussy eater and not a lot appeals to me, so I probably wouldn’t like what I make…lol! However the pics always look yummy and beautiful and truly I admire those who can cook! You have fun…I’ll admire your creations!! 😉

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      • I am still a fussy eater. When I was in culinary school the chef would get mad at me because I wouldn’t eat or taste most of what I made. Just could not bring myself to eat the butter, cream or pastries. Loved making them, just still not super excited to eat them, weird huh?

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      • Lol that is funny…a fussy eater goes to culinary school! So how do you know if something came out good or not if you don’t taste it? hehe…wait for the comments. I would have been just like you…butter, cream and pastries aren’t too bad but this other gourmet type or spicy or saucy or anything that isn’t plain…I wouldn’t want to try either. 🙂

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  3. How lovely & clever! What a great job you did of working it out — plus taking pictures all the while — really well done! Love that you’ve got google translate now too – I love how blogging makes the world smaller & how the more readers from all parts of the world can read our posts, the better 🙂

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