Have you heard about Sally’s Baking Addiction? She has an amazing website and blog all about baking. She has launched a monthly baking challenge where she will post a new recipe each month, with all the instructions and videos you need to create the dish. I have decided it would be fun to accept this challenge which started in February. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Sally posted her chocolate lava cake. This recipe is straight forward, easy and delicious! There are two options, either using 4 ramekins or making 6 cakes in a muffin tin. I chose the ramekins and they needed to be greased and dusted with cocoa powder to ensure the cakes would release after baking.



There are only six ingredients and I started with melting the chocolate and butter in a microwave proof bowl.


The flour, powdered sugar and salt were combined and the eggs were whisked.


The dry mix and eggs were added to the chocolate mixture and combined until smooth.


The batter was equally distributed between the four ramekins and went into the oven for 13 minutes.


I waited one minute, as per the instructions, then inverted the cake onto a plate-and held my breath and hoped for the best. It worked great and looked just like Sally’s picture.


I topped the warm cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and added caramel and chocolate sauces, added a few raspberries and we dug in.



The molten center really did flow

I really recommend this one if you love chocolate and want something easy to impress your dinner guests-I am looking forward to March’s challenge!

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