What a day we had on Tuesday! I decided to play hooky from yoga in the morning and went for a 3 mile run instead. It was a huge treat to run in warm weather! It was 8am here and 77°F. My last two runs were back at home and it was 36°F and icy one day and 41°F and raining the next. My body didn’t know what to do in the warm weather. When I got back to the condo everyone else was still in yoga practice, turns out they had a 90 minute class-so glad I decided to run! My husband headed out to golf with our host Bill and the rest of us had some tough choices to make, either walk to the beach, read by the pool or head into town for a message. I went with the message! So glad I did as I am truly sore everywhere! We all met up again for Happy hour at The Oasis Ocean club in Santiago Bay.

The next morning we all got up and did sunrise yoga and afterward, our hosts Susan and Bill made us a wonderful breakfast.


Our Yoga teacher, Lisa (left) and Susan (right) posing with a huge spanish omelet

This was much needed fuel for our next event. We returned to Santiago Bay for a 3 hour snorkel tour. We had spectacular views on our way to the first of three coves that we would be exploring.


Yoga teacher Lisa enjoying the ride!


Condos along the waterfront


The water was warm and clear, perfect for snorkeling. One of our guides dove in and came up with this little guy.


Puffer fish


I’m pretty sure you are not allowed to do this in the states and we made sure to not keep him out of the water for long!

We spent about 45 minutes here and then moved on to another cove and enjoyed more scenery along the way.

Our last spot was a sunken ship near the beach. To be honest, my husband and I have been fortunate to have snorkeled in many other locations around the world and we were not as impressed with the sights this time around, so I stayed on the boat and took this picture above the water line.


This pelican was waiting for something to swim nearby

Then, as we were all starving from such a tough day (feel sorry for me?) it was time to head to shore and have a late lunch at a local restaurant. I don’t know the name of it or have any pictures of the food because the ten of us didn’t  wait for pictures and just dove in. I will tell you that it was delicious!


One of many beachfront eateries. 

Tomorrow: A hike to an abandoned hotel and a cooking class! And, of course, more yoga!


4 thoughts on “Happy Hour,Snorkeling and Lunch in Santiago Bay!

  1. I am trying desperately not to be jealous of you but you’re making it REALLY hard with all these gorgeous photos!!! O_O What a beautiful place! And that puffer fish is adorable!


    • I know- I’m sorry! It has been such a great break from the rain and cold back home. We leave Saturday for Seattle, are home for a couple days then head to New Orleans for my birthday and a 10k. I have no idea what the weather is there!


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