We had our first full day in El Naranjo, which is just outside of Manzanillo, Mexico. We are staying with a host couple who have two condos, one in which they live and the other they rent out to guests. They have graciously allowed our group (9 in all) to have our yoga retreat in both homes. They have provided all the transportation, meals and arranged local excursions! What a deal! I am having a message later today-can’t wait!

There is so much beauty everywhere that it is hard to choose just a few pictures, but here are some of our neighbors.

After our morning yoga we went down to the beach. Just a quick walk to check out the waves.

I was impressed by some of the natural structures.



The waves are impressive and the water temperature was perfect

Someone placed these stones into small structures.





We went back to the condo and set out for Bara de Navidad, a small and charming town about 45 minutes north of El Naranjo. There was a outdoor mall full of shops, not unlike most found in bigger tourist destinations in Mexico. If you have ever been to Puerto Vallarta or Mazatlan then you have experienced the shopping frenzy that occurs when american tourists enter the plaza. Bara de Navidad was far more laid back, we were never pressured to make a purchase, or approached by aggressive salespeople. I did appreciate the opportunity to just browse around. I ended up buying vanilla for baking when I get home and some ground coffee that we will most likely drink here. Beach was equally beautiful there too!



This is a view from a hotel pool overlooking the ocean

We took a water taxi over to a restaurant and went past the Grand Bay Hotel on Isla de Navidad. It was stunning and had several amazing yachts out front.

We ate a light lunch and then returned for a dip in the pool, followed by -you guessed it- more yoga! It was a fun day, but pretty tiring! Ready for another adventure today.