My husband and I are on a yoga retreat in Manzanilla. We have never been to this part of Mexico before and never been on a yoga retreat! We just got in last night after a rough connection at LAX. Turns out that there is a major storm hitting California right now and it made for some delays and uncharacteristically choppy air. The views from the plane were beautiful as we made our way to a very small airport.

We arrived in the late afternoon so there was only time for a dinner, prepared by our gracious hosts, and then it was time for evening yoga by one of the two pools in our gated community.


The sunrise was perfect this morning and I was able to get some shots of our surroundings. We are in a condo with the ocean on one side and a small bay on the other.

And this is just the upper house! There is a lower condo where a few other retreaters are staying. I am hoping to get some pictures later this afternoon of both the lower condo and from a small nearby town. Right not, it’s time for morning yoga!

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