Overnight oats are everywhere right now. I understand the appeal, set it up the night before and save time in the morning while enjoying a healthy breakfast that’s quick and easy. Personally, I like to have my oatmeal for lunch and I have the time to make it and have it while it is hot so I have not been tempted to try one of these recipes. However, the chia seed pudding dishes that have come across my Pinterest and Facebook feeds intrigued me. I am not a huge fan of pudding per se but do love chia seeds and add them to other recipes when I want to boost the fiber content or need a healthy thickening agent. So, when I saw this particular recipe I decided to give it a try, with a couple modifications.


My Recipe

3 T. chia seeds

¾ c. cashew milk (I use Silk)

1 T. Bourbon maple syrup

¼ t. Vanilla bean paste (substitute ½ t. vanilla extract if you can’t find vanilla paste)




Mix the ingredients and refrigerate overnight.

Pretty straightforward, of course the website used a mason jar, which seem to be the trendy thing to do right now. I used a regular cereal bowl and covered it with plastic wrap, and that was just as effective.


I was a little worried when I saw the texture the next day, it looked a bit gelatinous for my taste, but my concern was unwarranted as it was delicious!


I added banana, pecans and blueberries but many other additions would be just as tasty.


I will make this again for a healthy meal, but don’t be fooled by the health halo! The recipe made as written is 375 calories, after the additional topping you are pushing 500 calories, far too much for a snack, but appropriate for a light lunch or dinner.

I hope you give it a try, it’s easy, tasty and has the right amount of healthy energy to keep you going!

Nutritional info:

Calories:         375

Protein:          17g

Fiber:              11g



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