Blogging University, Day 3

Today’s assignment is “water” and our interpretation of how water has inspired us. We had our back yard redone two seasons ago and we have had some mild winters in the last couple years. That is not the case this year! It has been cold, very cold. I went out to check on our fountain and was shocked to see the ice build up. I chose this water feature as my inspiration for my assignment. Take a look!


This is the establishing shot


moving in a little closer and you can get a feel for the thickness of the ice on the front ledge


These icicles almost touch the water!


Just about every surface has icicles


This angle is looking straight down from the top of the falling water, look how thick the ice is on the front ledge


The icicles on the adjacent side are also close to the surface of the water


This is my favorite shot, look how clear this cold Pacific Northwest water is!

Thanks for visiting! I look forward to tomorrow’s assignment.

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