Blogging University, Day 2

Today’s assignment was titled: “Street”. The goal was to practice taking wide angle, establishing shots, in an attempt to set a scene. We were encouraged to wander around, take photos from different angles. We were also reminded that we may have to climb some stairs to get a better view. I decided my “street” would be my climbing gym, that way I could combine my workout with my photography assignment. It turns out that it is quite difficult to take pictures while I am climbing or belaying my daughter, so only half were useable!



These three shots were taken from the top of adjacent walls, approximately 30 feet high. I climbed to the top and my daughter, who was belaying, suspended me while I took the pictures.



For these images I lay on the ground and angled the camera upward.

It was fun to climb and photograph the gym, and I did learn about a few new features on my camera. Hopefully, I will do better on the next assignment. I did get three projects done, two of which were lead climbing!

2 thoughts on “Blogging University, Day 2

  1. Hi Dee Dee, are you in a photography class? You make mention how you are taking different angles, is this an assignment or are they symbolicog something deeper?


    • I am doing the WordPress online class “Developing your Eye I” It is self guided and I had hoped that they would provide some feedback on how to improve. So far, I have learned more about the features of my camera, which helps, but it does not provide any critical feedback for improvement. I want to take a real class but have a ton of travel coming up and can’t be in a conventional class right now. Maybe I can take a course in the fall.


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