Valerie Living Lighter in Atlanta, tagged me for this quiz!  Thank you for thinking of me! This is a challenge for me this year-not one of my favs! If you saw I thought I was waving, a year in retrospect. Then you understand why, but…here it goes!

Quiz questions:

What was your highlight of 2016?

We had a number of fun traveling adventures. Kansas, Idaho, Arizona, Victoria BC…Those are the ones off the top of my head. Each was quite different and had unique qualities that kept me engaged. Several of them were wrapped around a run or climbing event and we found that were are really interested in doing more active destination trips in the future.

Name one thing you are likely to remember about 2016 if asked in five years time?

Today, I would say this is the year I would like to forget. My hope is that in five years there will be a softening of pain and memories and it will be remembered as the year I needed for personal growth, but would never want to repeat.

Sum up 2016 in one word.

Transformative. This is the year I realized that I had become invisible in my own life. Now I am invisible-no-more!

Name one pearl of wisdom from 2016 that you will carry through 2017.

I matter. I am important and I deserve happiness too!

Do you have any new year resolutions?

I am a list maker, like most of the people I have connected with through blogging. I have already signed up for two more half marathons and am planning a rock-climbing trip with my family to Smith Rocks in Oregon. I “resolve” to climb as high and as far as my body will allow!

How did you ring in the new year?

My husband and I went to Portland for the night, I posted:  New Year’s Eve in Portland, Oregon with the details. It was great! We both wanted to do something different to mark a new beginning!

What would you most like to do in 2017?

We have a lot of travel planned and I hope to “blog on the go” and explore some new areas!

What are your main goals for 2017?

I would love to still be blogging by the end of the year and have moved beyond the issues of 2016. I want to heal and repair, live and love, refresh and renew!


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