Yesterday was Thanksgiving and it was a great time for our family. It is always good for me to spend time with the people that I would miss most if they were no longer in my life. We ate, drank, played cards and sat in traffic for four hours. Again, it was wonderful, but a lot of sitting! So, today I had to get moving. If I miss too many days of activity, I get weird (or more weird if you talk to my kids!)

I hit the running path near my home and set out for 5 miles. I live in a suburb of Seattle and we are known for our rain, for good reason. However, I got lucky and managed to find a dry window. It was 47 degrees, but at least it was partially sunny.


I am not fast, obviously, but it was a good run and I am glad I fit it in. By that evening I had recovered and ready to hit the climbing gym with my husband. We climb at a local gym and, if you are familiar with indoor climbing routes and the grading system, I usually climb in the 5.10 b/c/d range with the occasional 5.11a route. Unfortunately, this was not my best day in the gym and fell on a 5.10d scraping up my entire right side and part of the left.


This is the route that got me good. My husband crushed an 5.11a that we have both been working on (I fell two moves from the top, again!) and he took out another proj of his, an underrated, tough 5.10c . He was very happy with the day. I will get these done next time! I am determined! And, also quite black and blue for the next week or so.

I am thankful for my health and the ability to work out for my mental stability. It’s onto hot yoga tomorrow and a day of rest on Sunday to cheer on the Seahawks!


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